Thoroughly cleaning

1.Machine washing of soft floorings /moquettes, carpets, strip of carpets, welter/
The procedure is performed by the use of one-disk frictional machine. With it the flooring is shampooed with two-component preparation consisting of neutral degreaser and anti-static. After this using the method of extraction /injection of solution and drain off/ the flooring is rinsed and partially dried. The main dring is done by vacuum treatment with water drainers with water filter helping for maximum volume and intensity of the woolly surface.
2. Machine washing of upholstered furniture
contaminations. With the help of spray extractor the furniture is shampooed with there is preliminary preparation that includes the cleaning of the larger washing solution. After the required technical time the procedure continues with deeper extraction, that is injection of water under pressure and draying off. This procedure helps for the deeper cleaning of the upholstered furniture as well as for the elimination of all kind of spots. The drying is fulfilled by the help of powerful water drawings.
3. Machine cleaning and treatment of solid flooring /granite, marble, mosaic terracotta, , etc. /
The flooring is treated by appropriate preparation and using high-speed frictional machine and thus we achieve the so called opening of the pores. This is the method for eliminating the most hard spots. The dirty solution is sucked up by the use of water drawing. After the required technological time we rinse the flooring with the help of frictional machine by which are removed the smaller and delicate contaminations. At the end we lay on stabilizing emulsion that is the final stage before laying on the protective coat /sealing/. This coat is resistible of rubbing, it is protective and polishing film.
4. Delicate sanding and crystallisation
This procedure is performed by diamond disks and the coat is levelled in dependence of the depth of the splits and the pores, after this the original glaze is recovered with the use of the most-modern technology crystallisation.
5. Washing of windows and shop-windows
6. Cleaning of facades, ornaments, advertisements and windows at higher height
the cleaning includes the use of alpinists methods, preparations and machines that work with streams under high pressure
7.Disinsection deratation.

Everyday cleaning
Includes services that maintain the floorings in fresh and holds up their amortisation thus increasing the level of cleanness
The cleaning is once a day in the appropriate for the customer time: Hoover and brush away;

  • Washing of the solid flooring with specialised preparations;
  • Cleaning of windows and doors;
  • Dust the furniture;
  • Collect and throw away wastes;
  • Disinfection, fragrance and supply the sanitary rooms with consummative.

In the companys policy we follow the rule: Before signing the agreement we do tentative cleaning of some of the floorings in time and place convenient to the client

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